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R & D Technologies Inc | Demolition Contractors | Honolulu, HI

Trust in Experienced Demolition Contractors

Selective demolition and remediation are jobs that need precision. Get an experienced team with all of the proper equipment to manage the job. We're a locally-owned business serving Hawaii since 1996.

Remove dangerous substances. Whether you need biohazard remediation or demolition, you can count on us.

Demolition consultants

Properly handle and dispose biohazards

Don't make the mistake of trying to remove hazardous materials yourself.

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•  Take care of asbestos

•  Properly remove lead

•  Clean out mildew and mold

Get an expert eye on the job when you go to demolish. We're the environmental managers you need.

Contractors you need

Get interior demolition for your property. We can do both commercial and residential buildings.

Find the right solution

You can get a solution customized to your problem. We're authorized, certified, and experienced.

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